Rinaldo M. Colombo

Past Meetings & Conferences

(Some of the links below can be outdated)
DSABNS 2022 08.02-11.02.2022
DMV-ÖMG Annual Conference 2021 27.09-01.10.2021
Present Research Trends in Conservation Laws 08-10.09.2021
Social Dynamics beyond Vehicle Autonomy 30.11-04.12.2020
Modellistica e Covid-19 (in Italian, YouTube, at 2:53,34) (slides) 22.06.2020
Mathematics of the COVID19 crisis (YouTube, at 1:35,39) 29.04.2020
Dynamical Systems Applied to Biology and Natural Sciences 04-07.02.2020
NHR 60 (cancelled)
Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations 21-25.01.2019
Macroscopic Modeling of Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic 14-15.02.2019
IPERPA 2019 15-17.05.2019
UMI 2019 02-07.09.2019
FGS'2019 -- French-German-Swiss Conference on Optimization 17-20.09.2019
SIAM Conference on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations 11-14.12.2019
HYP2018 25-29.06.2018
Interactive workshop on hyperbolic equations 10-12.09.2018
Joint Meeting UMI-SIMAI-PTM 17-20.09.2018
Mathematical Modeling with Measures: where Applications, Probability and Determinism Meet 03-07.12.2018
Variational Methods and Differential Equations 14-15.12.2018
Ideal Fluids and Transport 13-15.02.2017
Transport Modeling and Management: Vehicles and Crowds 06-10.03.2017
Current Topics in Kinetic Theory 27-29.03.2017
Frontiers of Interdisciplinary Mathematics 09-11.05.2017
VII Partial Differential Equations, Optimal Design and Numerics 20.08-01.09.2017
TRAM3 Terminus 06-08.01.2016
ANalysis and COntrol on NETworks 09-11.03.2016
Hamilton-Jacobi Equations: New Trends and Applications 30.05-03.06.2016
11th Meeting on Nonlinear Hyperbolic PDEs and Applications 13-17.06.2016
Hyperbolic Techniques in Modelling, Analysis and Numerics 19-26.06.2017
Recent Trends in Differential Equations 27-29.06.2016
A conference in honour of Helge Holden 04-07.07.2016
Nonlinear Analysis and Extremal Problems 20-25.07.2016
Transport Phenomena in Collective Dynamics 01-04.11.2016
Interactions between PDEs & Functional Inequalities 14-27.11.2016
Differential Inclusions and Set Valued Maps 26-27.11.2015
IperGSSI2015 22-24.10.2015
New Directions in Mathematical Approaches for Traffic Flow Management, IPAM, UCLA 28.09-02.10.2015
LIASFMA Summer School, Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 16-27.08.2015
ICIAM 2015 10-14.08.2015
27th IFIP Conference 29.06-03.07.2015
Bio + Fluids in Warsaw 27-29.04.2015
Leggi di Conservazione: dalle Applicazioni alla Teoria 20.02.2015
Contemporary topics in conservation laws 09-12.02.2015
HYP2014 28.07-01.08.2014
Equazioni e Modelli, ovvero Astrazione e Concretezza in Matematica 30.10.2013
Numerical aspects of hyperbolic balance laws and related problems 9-10-09-2013
IperMiB2013: 15th Italian Meeting on Hyperbolic Equations 11-13.09.2013
Modeling with Measures: from Structured Populations to Crowd Dynamics 26-30.08.2013
Hyperbolic Techniques for Phase Dynamics 9-15.06.2013
10th Meeting on Hyperbolic Conservation Laws: Recent Results and Research Perspectives 11-12.07.2013
Dai Limiti ai Fratelli Grimm, Passando per Stormi e Discontinuità 15.04.2013
Around Viability Boundaries 12-14.12.2012
Environment's PDEs03-08.02.2013
Traffic Modeling and Management: Trends and Perspectives 20-22.03.2013
Hyperbolic Models for Granular Matter Dynamics 30.10.2012
Control of PDE's, interactions and application challenges 05-09.11.2012
From individuals to collectivity: crowds and swarms (presentation) 15-16.11.2012
Hyperbolic Problems: Theory, Numerics, Applications 25-29.06.2012
Open problems between micro and macro in systems of agents and particles 18-20.04.2012
Beyond basic science - mathematics today 05-10.02.2012
Mathematics of Traffic Flow Modeling, Estimation and Control 07-09.12.2011
Nonlinear Differential Equations and Control 22-23.09.2011
Ninth Meeting on Hyperbolic Conservation Laws, Fluid Dynamics and Transport Equations: Recent Results and Research Perspectives 18-22.07.2011
SIAM Conference on Optimization 16-19.05.2011
Modelling and Control of Nonlinear Evolution Equations 24-27.05.2011
Control of Partial Differential Equations and Applications 01.10-18.12.2010
Hyperbolic systems and control in networks, applications 18-21.10.2010
Nonconvex Evolution Problems 29.11-03.12.2010
Abel Symposium 2010 28.09-01.10.2010
Hyperbolic Conservation Laws 02-04.09.2010
Control of Partial Differential Equations 19-23.07.2010
HYP2010 15-19.06.2010
Conference on Control of PDE's 25-29.01.2010
Modelling and Optimisation of Flows on Networks 15-19.06.2009
Nonlinear Conservation Laws and Applications 13-31.07.2009
Control of Distributed Parameter Systems 20-24.07.2009
Seventh Meeting on Hyperbolic Conservation Laws and Fluid Dynamics: Recent Results and Research Perspectives 31.08-04.09.2009
IperBa 11-13.02.2009
SIMAI 9th Congress 15-19.09.2008
Trent'anni di Analisi Matematica alla SISSA 24-28.11.2008
SIMAI 9th Congress 15-19.09.2008
Sixth meeting on Hyperbolic Conservation Laws 17-19.07.2008
AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications 18-21.05.2008
Conservation Laws and Applications 28.05.2008
12th International Conference on Hyperbolic Problems 9-13.06.2008
Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Applications 22-28.06.2008
Traffic Flow: a Microscopic and a Macroscopic Perspective 11-12.10.2007
Mathematical Models of Traffic Flow 28.10-01.11.2007
Partial Differential Equations, Optimal Design and Numerics 27.08-06.09.2007
System Modelling and Optimization 23-27.07.2007
Fifth Meeting on Hyperbolic Conservation Laws 21-22.06.2007
Nonlinear Hyperbolic Problems 28.05-01.06.2007
Around Hyperbolic Conservation Laws 01.03.2007
IperPd2006 13-15.09.2006
Conference in honor of Arrigo Cellina 18-20.09.2006
Eleventh International Conference on Hyperbolic Problems Theory, Numerics, Applications 17-21.07.2006
Boltzmann Equations and Fluydodynamic Limits 12-17.06.2006
Traffic Flow Modeling & Management 19-20.01.2006
Mathematical Models of Traffic Flow 02-04.11.2005
Traffic and Granular Flow 10-12.10.2005
XXV International Seminar on Stability Problems for Stochastic Models 20-24.09.2005
Control Methods in PDE - Dynamical Systems 02-08.07.2005
New Trends of Shock Wave Theory for Hyperbolic Dissipative Systems 17-18.06.2005
Fourth Meeting on Hyperbolic Conservation Laws: Recent Results and Research Perspectives 13-14.06.2005
Transport Equations and Multi-D Conservation Laws 17-20.01.2005
SIAM PDE 04 06-08.12.2004
IPER Pisa 2004 20-22.10.2004
SIIV2004, Firenze 27-29.10.2004
Third Meeting on Hyperbolic Conservation Laws 21-22.06.2004
Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations, Pomona 21-22.06.2004
Transport Equations and Control Theory for PDEs, Bressanone 12-17.01.2004
Traffic and Granular Flow 2003 01-03.10.2003
Mathematical Theory in Fluid Mechanics, Paseky 08-14.06.2003
21st IFIP TC 7 Conference on System Modeling and Optimization 21-25.07.2003
Hyperbolic Systems of Balance Laws
Leggi di Conservazione Iperboliche: recenti risultati e prospettive di ricerca 03-04.06.2003
Mathematical Models and Methods in the Study of Traffic Flow 08-09.05.2003
GAMM2003 24-28.03.2003
Seminario 12.03.2003
First HYKE Meeting 24-28.03.2003
Brescia: Traffic Modeling & Management 03.12.2002
SIAM 50th Anniversary and Annual Meeting 08-12.07.2002
IperFe2002 10-12.10.2002
Advanced Courses in Hyperbolic P.D.E.s 29.04-10.05.2002
IperBS 2000 30.11-02.12.2000